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Behind the Author

Ronnie Williams is Vice President for Student Services and Institutional Diversity at the University of Central Arkansas. His forthcoming book, Markham Street, a Memory of Mourning, is the searing story of his search for the truth about the brutal murder of his older brother, Marvin, by two police officers.

In 1984, after receiving a letter from an eyewitness, Ronnie relentlessly tracked down autopsy reports, photos, transcripts, and witnesses. Against the odds, he built a case that filled the front pages of newspapers, became an episode of 20/20, and engaged the highest levels of government. In the end, his courage and determination brought national and international attention and helped shift the dynamic of accountability and justice.

In Markham Street, Ronnie tells the story of his beloved brother Marvin, a former U.S. Paratrooper, and reveals what life was like for Black families in the Deep South in the 1960s. Now a respected educator, Ronnie lives in Arkansas with his wife, Connie.

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